Meet Paula Ross

RN, IBCLC, Apprentice Midwife


Hi, I'm Paula, a proud "homegrown" Arkansan! I've been a RN for 21 years, beginning my career in Coronary Care and spending the last 15 years caring for new and growing families in Women & Children. I began occasionally assisting midwives at home births in 2008, became a doula in 2013 and an  International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2015. I finally began a midwifery apprenticeship with Deb Phillips, CPM, LLM in 2016.

I am in the "primary under supervision" phase of apprenticeship, accepting clients and offering a discounted "student rate" for midwifery services, while Deb supervises my work at appointments and births. 


My calling into this line of work began shortly after my first child was born. Midwife Ina May Gaskin said:


“Whenever and however you choose to give birth, your experience will impact your mind, emotions, body, and your spirit for the rest of your life."


That quote has resonated with me. Giving birth changed the direction of my life and planted the seed in my heart that would eventually bloom into supporting new and growing families.


In Arkansas, one must choose between attending home births and hospital births when deciding which midwifery path to take. Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) only attend home births. Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) only attend hospital or birth center births, and few CNMs attend births here at this time (although I see home hopeful changes on the horizon.)


I chose the CPM path because I prefer providing individualized and one-on-one care with home births, which is often not possible with hospital births and a heavier client load. Spending time getting to know families in the months leading up to the birth...watching labor, birth, and bonding unfold in the family’s own comfortable environment......continuing that relationship after the baby is born...these are rewarding aspects of homebirth midwifery.


I believe in the Midwives Model of Care. I believe our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made, and I trust in our ability to give birth. I believe that for most healthy mothers and babies, the less we interfere with the process, the better the chances of a good birth outcome.

I also believe that there is no "right way" to give birth--the most important thing is that women are aware of their options, have access to accurate evidence-based information, and feel respected and supported during the process. Each family, each pregnancy and birth experience, each child is unique. 


On a personal note, I am a Christian who believes that my work should be rooted in love and respect for all people. Whatever your circumstances may be, I am committed to providing judgment-free, loving care. 

I have been married to my Greg for 18 years. We have seven children, six still living at home with us. 

To ensure that I am giving my best to others, I make a point of regularly carving out time to replenish my mind, body, and soul. Some of the things that keep me feeling peaceful and joyful are my faith, practicing martial arts, playing guitar and piano, concocting herbal remedies, and enthusiastically cheering at my kids' activities.


If you have questions, I am happy to answer them! I am easy to reach by email or by phone.


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